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Overcoming Swing Change Challenges: A Personal Journey for Golf Lessons and Coaching in Singapore

This morning, while working with a student on the driving range, we touched upon a common issue that many golfers face – the struggle to replicate a new swing when the pressure of hitting the ball comes into play. It reminded me of my own journey in overcoming this challenge and how a simple shift in mindset made all the difference.

I shared with my student that I, too, used to find it easy to make changes during practice swings but would revert to old habits when facing the ball. It was frustrating, and I couldn't quite figure out why it happened. What I eventually realized was that the pressure and expectations tied to hitting the ball were holding me back. There's a certain comfort in familiarity, and my mind would default to what it knew best when things got real on the course.

To break free from this cycle, I had to convince myself to let go of immediate expectations and focus on the process. I compared it to making a new friend – it takes time and a bit of awkwardness initially. The same goes for a swing change. It won't feel natural right away, and that's okay.

I encouraged my student, and I'll say it to all golfers out there, especially those in Singapore seeking golf lessons or a coach – remember why you wanted to make a change in the first place. You weren't satisfied with the current state of your game. Embrace the awkward phase, give the new swing a chance, and be patient.

It's a simple shift in perspective that can make a world of difference. Golf is a journey, and improvements take time. By letting go of the immediate pressure to see results and allowing yourself and the ball time to adapt, you'll find yourself breaking free from old habits and enjoying a more satisfying golf experience in Singapore or wherever your golf journey takes you.


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