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Introductory Golf Trial

About Introductory Golf Trial

Discover Golf with Our Beginner's Golf Trial Class in Singapore!

Have you ever wanted to explore the world of golf, right here in Singapore? Look no further! We're thrilled to invite you to our weekly Beginner's Golf Trial Class, specially designed for those looking to kickstart their golf journey in Singapore.

Experience Golf in Singapore: Join us every Wednesday at 9 am and 6pm for an immersive one-hour session, crafted to introduce complete beginners to the essentials of golf. This is your chance to delve into the art of golf in a welcoming group setting, right in the heart of Singapore.

What to Expect:

  • Expert Golf Coaching in Singapore: Our seasoned golf instructor, based in Singapore, will provide expert guidance, taking you through the basics of the golf swing and sharing valuable insights to help you build a solid foundation.

  • Scenic Location in Singapore: Our clinic unfolds against the stunning backdrop of the Mandai Executive Golf Course, offering a serene environment for your golfing journey.

  • No Equipment Required: Forget about the hassle of bringing golf clubs or training aids – we've got you covered with all the necessary equipment and training tools available right here in Singapore.

  • Affordable Access: The best part? Our clinic is only $25 plus range balls at $7.

Why Choose Our Golf Lessons in Singapore:

  • Tailored for Singapore Beginners: Our clinic is exclusively designed for complete beginners in Singapore, ensuring a comfortable and encouraging environment for all.

  • Group Learning in Singapore: Embrace the camaraderie of a group learning experience right here in Singapore. Connect with fellow beginners, track your progress, and motivate each other as you begin your golfing adventure together.

Reserve Your Spot for Golf Coaching in Singapore: This is your golden opportunity to take your first swing at golf in Singapore without any prior experience. To secure your spot in our Wednesday morning clinic, simply book your slot HERE.

Whether you're seeking golf lessons, golf coaching, or a chance to immerse yourself in the world of golf in Singapore, our Beginner's Golf Clinic at Mandai Executive Golf Course is the perfect starting point. Come join us and experience the joy of golf in Singapore!

Clinic Details
  • Every Wednesday 9AM and 6PM

  • Introduction to the game of golf

  • Learning the fundamentals such as the Grip, Aim and Position

  • Learning the 3 pre-requisites in building a good golf swing

  • Equipment is provided.

Clinic Fee

Trial class cost $25 and golf balls cost $7. 

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