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Swing Like a CEO: The Business Wisdom in Your Golf Game


In the world of golf, as in the world of business, the journey to success is paved with lessons, challenges, and a fair share of trial and error. Recently, during a coaching session, a revelation unfolded that drew a striking parallel between the golf course and the business arena. As one of my students struggled to perfect a new swing, the connection between mastering the golf swing and launching a successful business became clearer than ever.

The Slow Swing Conundrum:

It's a common sight on the golf course – golfers, whether beginners or seasoned players, meticulously executing slow and deliberate swings, hoping to perfect every nuance of their movements. However, as many quickly discover, a slow and paused swing doesn't always translate to a successful shot. The ball lacks the necessary velocity to soar, and the momentum falters, leaving players questioning their seemingly flawless technique.

The Epiphany: Hit First, Think Later

In response to these challenges, I often find myself offering a piece of advice that resonates not just on the golf course but in the world of business as well – "Hit it first, think later." The essence of this mantra lies in taking bold, decisive action before overthinking the details. In golf, this means swinging the club with purpose and speed, trusting your instincts, and worrying about the details later.

The Business Analogy:

During one coaching session, a student astutely drew parallels between this philosophy and the world of business. "Ahhh, hit it first, think later... just like starting a company," he exclaimed. The wisdom in this approach lies in not getting bogged down by the fear of failure or the intricacies of every decision. Instead, it encourages entrepreneurs to take the leap, launch their business, and assess the results later.

Launching a Business vs. Launching a Golf Ball:

Launching a business shares uncanny similarities with launching a golf ball into the air. Both endeavors require a balance of strategy, execution, and adaptation. Here's how the analogy unfolds:

  • Speed Matters:

    • In golf, a slow swing lacks the force needed for the ball to climb into the air.

    • In business, hesitating and overthinking can lead to missed opportunities. Speed and decisiveness are often the catalysts for success.

  • Momentum is Key:

    • A pause in a golf swing disrupts momentum, affecting the distance and accuracy of the shot.

    • Similarly, hesitating in business can hinder progress. Maintaining momentum is crucial for overcoming obstacles and achieving long-term success.

  • Learn as You Go:

    • Instead of obsessing over every detail beforehand, both in golf and business, there's value in learning through action.

    • Make adjustments on the fly, reflect on the outcomes, and iterate for improvement.

The "hit it first, think later" philosophy is a powerful mindset that transcends the boundaries of the golf course and extends its wisdom into the realm of business, especially for golfers in Singapore. Aspiring entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts alike can draw inspiration from the golf course, realizing that, much like a well-executed swing, a bold business move can propel them to new heights. So, swing with purpose, launch your business with conviction, and remember – success often favors those who take the shot before dwelling on the details. If you're in Singapore and seeking golf lessons, coaching, or instruction, embrace these lessons both on and off the course for a holistic approach to improvement.


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