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Golf Coach Certification

Tap into a Growing Market in Singapore

Become a Certified Freelance Golf Coach
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Are you passionate about golf? Do you dream of a career where you are your own boss, setting your own schedule and targets? The Edmund Tan School of Golf presents an exclusive opportunity for you to turn your love for golf into a lucrative freelance coaching career. Welcome to our Golf Coaching Certification Program – a unique initiative designed to empower individuals like you to teach beginners and share the joy of golf.

Why Choose a Freelance Golf Coaching Career?

Be Your Own Boss, Set Your Own Time
Imagine a life where you have the flexibility to decide when and where you work. As a freelance golf coach, you have the power to create a schedule that suits your lifestyle. No more 9-to-5 grind or rigid routines – enjoy the freedom to manage your time and priorities.

The demand for golf coaching is on the rise in Singapore, and you can be at the forefront of this exciting trend. From business professionals enhancing their networking on the golf course to individuals seeking a leisurely and timeless sport, the potential clientele is vast. Golf is a game for all ages, making it a sport people can enjoy for a lifetime.

A Sport for Every Age

Unlike many sports that become physically demanding with age, golf is a timeless activity. People of all ages can play, fostering long-term client relationships and ensuring a consistent stream of students throughout your career.

Why Choose Our Certification Program?

Focus on Teaching Beginners

Our program is specifically designed for those who want to teach beginners the fundamentals of golf. We understand that the majority of individuals entering the sport are looking for a coach to guide them in the early stages. By specializing in this niche, you tap into the largest pool of potential students.

Limited Spaces for Personalized Training

This is a pilot project, and we are offering only 2 apprenticeships. We are committed to ensuring our apprentices succeed, and limiting spaces allows us to provide personalized attention and support. Be part of an exclusive group of pioneers in the freelance golf coaching industry.

Comprehensive Learning at $2,997

For a one-time investment of $2,997, you will gain access to our proven coaching methodology. Learn the essentials of teaching beginners, honing your skills under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Consistent Flow of Student Leads for $97/month

Maintaining your certification is as important as obtaining it. For just $97 per month, you will receive access to a consistent flow of student leads, ensuring your teaching calendar remains full. This ongoing support makes our program not just an education but a partnership in your success.

Secure Your Spot Now

Don't miss the chance to be part of this exclusive opportunity. With only 2 apprenticeships available in this pilot program, spaces are limited. Take the first step towards a fulfilling freelance golf coaching career by enrolling in our Golf Coaching Certification Program today.

Enroll Now for $2,997

Invest in your passion, invest in your future – become a Certified Freelance Golf Coach with the Edmund Tan School of Golf.

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