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Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan


Professional golf lessons conducted at Singapore’s Mandai Executive Golf Course. Start your golf learning journey with Class AA PGA Golf Professional, Coach Edmund.


Why not? Investing in golf lessons in Singapore with a qualified PGA professional is the quickest and easiest way for you to accelerate your learning. The game is definitely more fun when you see improvement and start playing well, and there’s no better way to improve than to seek the guidance of an expert golf coach.

At Edmund Tan School of Golf you have the option to select from 2 locations and environments: Outdoor at Mandai Executive Golf Course or Indoor at Golfwav @ Kallang Wave Mall. Edmund offers a number of different coaching formats, including trial golf classes, PC golf coaching, Handicap golf coaching and Private golf coaching.



Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan

Edmund is a Class AA PGA Professional of the Singapore PGA and Malaysian PGA. He's also one of the very few golf coaches in Singapore who is a certified golf coach of the prestigious Titliest Performance Institute, US Kids Golf and AimPoint Green Reading.  Edmund Tan School of Golf is widely recognised as the leading golf coaching academy in Singapore, having coached some of the country’s best junior golfers including Sydnie Ng.

You can read more about Edmund's work here.

Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan


Perfect! The best time to start taking golf lessons in Singapore is when you first starting out. By working with a qualified PGA Professional like Coach Edmund, you will develop the right habits, improve easier and stay motivated. Whilst Edmund coaches a few elite golfers and some very serious junior golfers in Singapore, the majority of his students are just like you; starting out, probably a little intimidated but eager to learn. Come down to the Mandai Executive Golf Course for a lesson, we can’t wait to help you!



A highly sought-after and dedicated professional, Edmund has been actively involved in golf at a professional level for over 15 years.

Now coaching at Singapore's Mandai Executive Golf Course and at Golfwav @ Kallang Wave Mall, Edmund is one of the very few Class AA Singapore PGA Professional with various certifications from the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute and the US Kids Golf Foundation.  

Edmund has coached successful players at a national level in both Singapore and Malaysia, as well as created branded golf programmes for specific golfers such as My First Par Junior Golf Academy, 30-Days Golf Challege and BYOGC - Be Your Own Golf Coach.  Edmund is also the founder of the e-commerce startup, Golf Rolodex. 

Utilising his skills, knowledge and personal approach, Edmund delivers measurable results to golfers of all ages and experience levels who are serious about developing their game.


Whether you have just discovered the sport of golf, want to reach the next level or you aspire to play professionally, Edmund can guide you to better results, sooner.

Depending on your current skill level, you can expect to:

  • Achieve greater consistency in your game

  • Hit the ball further and straighter than ever before

  • Create practice plans for targeted improvement

  • Preparation for important events

  • Keep statistics monitor your progress

  • Set and achieve meaningful goals

  • Build mental toughness

  • Set routines for greater concentration and confidence

Make a better game possible with Coach Edmund.

Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan

Hit Furthur & Straighter Everytime

Learn how you can add distance, improve accuracy and consistency, and reduce your score, now!

Coach Edmund will get in touch shortly!



The future of golf coaching is shifting towards an all-online approach, where golfers can receive coaching and training from anywhere in the world. With the advancements in technology and the popularity of virtual coaching, golfers are no longer limited to traditional in-person coaching methods.

Online golf coaching offers a wide range of benefits, including flexibilty, accessibility, and cost effectiveness. Golfers can receive personalized instruction and feedback from Coach Emdund without the need to travel or adhere to strict schedules. Additionally, golfers can take advantage of various digital tools and resources to analyze their wing and track tiehr progress over time, learing to more effective practice and better performance on the course. 

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Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan


Edmund is such a brilliant coach! I have never had a coach like him. In just 2 lessons and i see vast improvements on my swing and with an iron 8 i could now hit 90 yards and i can easily comprehend his teaching style. I strongly recommend for professionals and also beginners to give a go. Now I follow wherever Coach Edmund goes to teach as i feel really comfortable and i trust his knowledge.

Mandy Tang

I was struggling for almost two years to correct my swing pattern and to improve my game even after proper coaching. After joining coaching sessions with Edmund, within two sessions I could see a remarkable improvement in my golf. He pin points the flaws and also suggests the corrective techniques which was very helpful.

Rajesh Varman

As a complete beginner in golf, I started my journey with Coach Edmund! He quickly identifies and corrects my mistakes, and always uses interesting and simple examples to allow me to get a better understanding on the different techniques. Definitely engaging and fun, and I see myself slowly improve as I continue my lessons with him.

Megan Yeo

Coach Edmund is very professional, experienced and friendly! He is always quick to catch on my mistakes and correct them and he also uses interesting examples for different techniques which are super helpful! Strongly recommend for beginners with zero experience in golf! You’ll grow the love this sport with the help of Edmund!

Yin Han

My personal experience has been awesome to improve my skills in my swing and Edmund has helped me with correcting my swings and improving my game. He patiently studies and then gives corrections that immediately have an impact to my shots. He is an amazing coach and would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their golf swing seriously.

Abhay Mittal

My husband and I started training with Edmund several months ago and have found his coaching invaluable to our rapid progress. We have been able to record our lessons and his feedback via the CoachNow app, which has made tracking our progress really easy.Edmund is patient, precise with his feedback and supportive. We would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to improve their game.

Eleanor Salt

Golf lessons in singapore by PGA Professional Edmund Tan
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Mandai Executive Golf Course

Mandai Rd Track 7, Upper Seletar Reservoir, Singapore 779384


Golfwav @ Kallang Wave Mall

1 Stadium Pl, #01-67/68

Singapore 397628

+65 8875 2873


Looking for a golf coach? Book a lesson and let’s chat about how working with a professional will help you improve your technique and your score.

Coach Edmund will get in touch shortly!

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